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Title: Clockwork - Act 1: The Enchanted Forest Author:… - 35_fantasies
Once Upon A Time...
Title: Clockwork - Act 1: The Enchanted Forest

Author: alys_wonder

Disclaimer: Property of CLAMP, not I

Fandom: Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLES

Genre: Romance, surrealism

Pairing/Characters: Kurogane/Fay

Prompt: 1. Once Upon a Time

Rating: PG

Warnings: Homosexuality (both kinds), heterosexuality, language, general strangeness

Author's Notes:Inspired by watching copious amounts of Princess Tutu, so warnings for ballet and surrealism and fairytales. This is in no way an attempt to replace dev_chieftan and jennmenchi's excellent Princess Tutu crossover rp (links to which can be found here). Also, regarding character age: Sakura and Syaoran are about CCS-age, while Kurogane and Fay are mid to late teens.</center>

If there was one person Kurogane hated, it was that smug bastard Fay D. Flourite
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